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Show 12.04.13 WED: Standup / Herzog – “LUSH HOUR” @ Melody Lounge, Chinatown, LA

9PM, Hosted by Bizarro Herzog, :

Standups: Eric Andre, Howard Kremer, Josh DiDinato, Cosbysweater (Music)

Herzog will DJ after.

Facebook Invite:



Show 08.02.13 “Matty’s Pizza Party” @ Lyric Hyperion Theater

Appearing at this show tonight with Chris Dotson… Disappearance to follow immediately.




Other links:
-Matty Cardarople’s Site.
-Chris Dotson site & Youtube.


UpdateVideo of Ron Lynch & Rick Shapiro’s sets.

Video: “Live Appearance as Werner Herzog @ the Tomorrow! Show”

The first live appearance as Werner Herzog…

Werner Herzog appears on The Tomorrow Show in LA to discuss his next project: a film of Shakespeare’s “Henry V” in which all the actors are birds.

Live Appearance as Werner Herzog from Will Maier on Vimeo.

The Tomorrow Show in Los Angeles is hosted by Ron Lynch at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, every Saturday night at Midnight. This night’s special guest host was Dave Higgins.

Tomorrow! with Ron Lynch (on Facebook)