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Land of Sleep.

Land of Sleep from Ransom Riggs on Vimeo.

I live in a city that doesn’t sleep, but I grew up in a town that never wakes. I visit the strange, somnambulant place I used to call home, and examine the way my feelings about it have changed over the years.

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Remembering Gian (1986 – 2016) VIDEO

Gian Molina
September 18, 1986 – December 20, 2016

Gian was my friend and teammate. Saying goodbye to him is hard. His service is tomorrow, and tonight we remember him with a show at iO WEST. Proceeds to go to his family.

Gianfest at iO West:

Most of the shows we did were spontaneous affairs, the nature of improv. Fleeting, no record. But I did get him in front of the camera as part of our Herzog series. He was fantastic, with much of his dialogue improvised over our script, which was always inferior to what he added. Here’s an edit of his scenes:

Also on VIMEO:


Gian on my Flickr