News: Joining the cast of Hollywood Fringe Show

I’ve been cast as Terence in Lost Moon Radio‘s “ROGER WODEHOUSE’S ANDROGYMNASIUM” for its six-performance run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival next month. Here’s a description from the festival’s website:

When BBC executives asked glam rock icon Roger Wodehouse to do a children’s television show in 1975, he had two questions. One: Would he be allowed to talk openly about his fluid sexuality? Two: Would there be animal guests? They said yes to both and he agreed to do the show, giving birth to the ultimate glam rock children’s television odyssey: “Roger Wodehouse’s Androgymnasium.” Along with his hard-rocking band and a slew of hapless guests, Roger educates, entertains, and expands the minds of his audiences, adults and children alike. Burn your cardigans, folks. This ain’t Mr. Rogers.

Lost Moon Radio was named “Top of the Fringe” and “Best of Comedy” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012 and “Best of Comedy” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2011.

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