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News: “Babes” Album Release + Another GBV Video

News 5/28/14:

1) Took Part In Another Guided By Voices Video:


Another Mike Postalakis joint. This time worked with Rob Corddry again, Brian Huskey, Rich Fulcher, and Erik Latshaw among others. Not sure when when this one will come out, but it’s for their new album, which is different from the new album from just a few months ago.

Visit the Guided By Voices website.



2) BABES Album Released Today, 5/28/14:


Last year, I appeared in a video for this band & had a hella nice time and met some swell people. In involved glitter and a lot of baby oil, and I have no idea when it’ll see the light of day as I don’t see the song on this album’s tracklist. The band was signed to Capitol via Harvest Records in the meantime and, based on the great sound & chops they had at a show I witnessed following the shoot, will be around awhile. You can hear the EP and read a bit about them at the Onion AV Club link below. . . Also, their EP release party is tonight in Los Angeles at The Satellite.

Listen to Babes’ self-titled EP a week before its release · Newswire · The A.V. Club

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