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Show 12.04.13 WED: Standup / Herzog – “LUSH HOUR” @ Melody Lounge, Chinatown, LA

9PM, Hosted by Bizarro Herzog, www.WernerHerzogEatsTheWorld.com :

Standups: Eric Andre, Howard Kremer, Josh DiDinato, Cosbysweater (Music)

Herzog will DJ after.

Facebook Invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/182549788618157/



New Short Fake Herzog Video: “The Thwarted Cockroach Documentary” with David Lynch

Watch as Herzog is thwarted from making his latest film by none other than the always fun-loving duo of David Lynch & Crispin Glover:

Werner Herzog Cockroach Documentary – with David Lynch & Crispin Glover – YouTube


Review: “COOKING WITH WERNER at the 2010 NYTVF” – The Onion AV Club


“. . . It may be too out there even for Adult Swim. I just want someone to pick this up and put it on at 3 in the morning, so everyone up at that point will wonder what the hell is going on.”


“New York Television Festival, Day 3: Everybody hates drama”

By Steve Heisler And Todd VanDerWerff September 23, 2010


Cooking With Werner
Creators/Point of origin/Running time:
 John Webb, William Maier, and Garth Mueller/Los Angeles/seven minutes
Cast: William Maier, Scott Rodgers, Gian Molina
Program: Comedy
Headline: Finally, a show Scott Tobias will laugh at!
Todd’s take: Cooking With Werner has a one-joke premise. Fortunately, it’s a very funny joke. In it, acclaimed director Werner Herzog (Maier) decides to host a cooking show, wherein he tries to bring his dish closer to the truths of eternity by finding just the right honey. His special guest? Well, that would be Jim Jarmusch (Rodgers). Cooking With Werner sends Herzog on a quest to Peru to get just the right honey, and while I have no idea how this would be a series (Maier suggests Herzog can and will host several different types of TV shows every week), I like how incredibly, incredibly weird it is. Maier’s impression is spot-on, the jokes are all surreal, an advertisement for beer crowds the screen at inopportune moments, and a laugh track punctuates essentially dramatic moments. This is TV made for a very specific audience, but I’m pretty sure I’m in that audience. The only reason I didn’t laugh as hard as I did at some other things was because it was so short. (But I’m definitely tuning in for a future episode Maier pitched wherein Klaus Kinski returns from the dead to terrify and host an automotive repair program with Herzog.) Grade: B+
Network this is perfect for:
 I honestly don’t know. It may be too out there even for Adult Swim. I just want someone to pick this up and put it on at 3 in the morning, so everyone up at that point will wonder what the hell is going on.

Link: http://www.avclub.com/articles/new-york-television-festival-day-3-everybody-hates,45515/

Screening 09.23.10 “Cooking With Werner” @ New York TV Fest

Cooking With (Werner) Herzog
 is screening at the 
2010 New York Television Festival…
Screening in competition for the Independent Film Channel’s Out-Of-The-Box development award: Sept 23 & 24 [info]


NYTVF 2010 Trailer: Cooking With Werner

* Screening review by The Onion A.V. Club: [link]


Video: “Live Appearance as Werner Herzog @ the Tomorrow! Show”

The first live appearance as Werner Herzog…

Werner Herzog appears on The Tomorrow Show in LA to discuss his next project: a film of Shakespeare’s “Henry V” in which all the actors are birds.

Live Appearance as Werner Herzog from Will Maier on Vimeo.

The Tomorrow Show in Los Angeles is hosted by Ron Lynch at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, every Saturday night at Midnight. This night’s special guest host was Dave Higgins.

Tomorrow! with Ron Lynch (on Facebook)