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Babes “Life Come Into Me” Music Video


BABES - "Life Come Into Me" Music Video

BABES – “Life Come Into Me” Music Video

I filmed this music video a while back, it was released via Stereogum last week. Directed by Sarah Hamblin for the fine LA band Babes (who are playing tonight at the Echo with my friends Hi Ho Silver Oh, incidentally).  You’ll first see me at around 00:50 getting off a motorcycle flanked by two delightful young male assistants, who may just be members of the band themselves. You’ll see more of me & a load of other talented male Angelenos throughout the clip (note: the video’s imagery may disturb the sensibilities of certain viewers, not least of which those of my wife). 🙂 A fun time with a lot of glitter. Thanks to Sarah and the band et al.

Babes – “Life Come Into Me” video:

Stereogum story: http://www.stereogum.com/1821784/babes-life-come-into-me-video-stereogum-premiere/mp3s/

Link to tonight’s show at the Echo: http://www.theecho.com/event/866789-sales-los-angeles/

From the “Forgotten Attempts” Department . . .

Mike Postalakis recently cut together a video I thought I’d never see, from Super 8 footage shot 5 years ago the same day we recorded this Guided By Voices cover. It was swell to see it, as I thought the film was overexposed.

Here’s what Mike had to say:

“Found some Super 8 footage I shot five years ago of William running around Echo Park.
And that’s us covering a GBV song.
Our band was called The Children’s Garden of Yeses.
It lasted a whole afternoon.
Shot on Kodak Ektachrome super 8.”

Super 8 Archives – Awful Bliss from mike postalakis on Vimeo.

Echo Park, CA

Shot on Kodak Ektachrome Super 8 film.

On one particularly boring afternoon, my friend Will Maier and I drank a couple beers and recorded a cover of the Guided By Voices song, Awful Bliss.
Then, with my Technicolor Super 8 camera, we ran around the neighborhood and shot a music video for the song. Without the ability to sync sound.
I think it turned out fine.
Or good enough.


You can hear the rough mix Mike made of that recording on this Soundcloud:

“Aylia” Music Video (Connections)

Also, I appeared in this music video for Ohio band Connections. Directed by Mike Postalakis, who also did the two Guided By Voices spots.

From Mike:
I directed this music video for the Columbus, OH band, Connections. It’s a homage to an old Hall & Oates video for “She’s Gone”.
here’s that video for comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZZngTkp54I

LINKon FunnyOrDie.com




I’m in this Music Video: “Planet Score” by Guided By Voices

The video we shot last month for the new Guided By Voices single is online today on FunnyorDie.com. I’m the Hot Dog:


Links / Coverage:
The A.V. Club
Buzzfeed (“I’m a GIF!”)



Music Video Shoot, Tues 01/21/14.


Was part of a friend’s music video shoot yesterday morning over in Echo Park for 7 AM. Small affair with friends both old & new, and extra nice as pretty much everybody there was already a fan of the band’s music. Good times & lots of fun. We were done by 10 AM.

More news later on RollingStone.com.com.com.

Happy New Year…