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Shows in October 2010: “Oedipus Reborn” (Play)


From St. Mary’s / Quixotic Players Press Release:

“The UNDO IT! Playwriting Contest does it again. Jenny Nicholson (SMC ’13) gives new life to Oedipus in a suburban parody that makes us look for the Rex family next door. The King is mean, the plagues are relentless and now he has the Home Owners Association to answer to. In “Oedipus Re-Born,” you will see Jocasta, Teiresias, and the Sphinx trying to reason with a testosterone-driven Oedipus.

The Quixotic Players, directed by Alex Moggridge, perform Jenny’s prize-winning script, combining Sophocles with Desperate Housewives. Bay Area theater artists collaborate to turn tragedy into comedy for us. ”

[Edit: Final performance of night 2 is now online(!)]

Did I mention this show is FREE?

Tues-Weds., October 12-13
5:00 pm & 7:30 pm

St Mary’s College (Soda Center)
1928 Saint Mary’s Road
Moraga, CA