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Show 12.04.13 WED: Standup / Herzog – “LUSH HOUR” @ Melody Lounge, Chinatown, LA

9PM, Hosted by Bizarro Herzog, www.WernerHerzogEatsTheWorld.com :

Standups: Eric Andre, Howard Kremer, Josh DiDinato, Cosbysweater (Music)

Herzog will DJ after.

Facebook Invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/182549788618157/



New Short Fake Herzog Video: “The Thwarted Cockroach Documentary” with David Lynch

Watch as Herzog is thwarted from making his latest film by none other than the always fun-loving duo of David Lynch & Crispin Glover:

Werner Herzog Cockroach Documentary – with David Lynch & Crispin Glover – YouTube


News: Promo Shoot for “Untitled Herzog/Lynch Detective Show”

Had a germanic time this past weekend shooting promos for the upcoming “Herzog/Lynch Detective Show” with John Webb and Chris Dotson AKA youtube.com/NotDavidLynch, our first shoot since Extreme Duplex Makeover… Details to come.


Photos by Matty Cardarople.