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New Short Fake Herzog Video: “The Thwarted Cockroach Documentary” with David Lynch

Watch as Herzog is thwarted from making his latest film by none other than the always fun-loving duo of David Lynch & Crispin Glover:

Werner Herzog Cockroach Documentary – with David Lynch & Crispin Glover – YouTube

A Whale Chasing A Soviet Symbol (“Blue Jasmine”)

So I saw the new Woody Allen film last night, “Blue Jasmine” (trailer). Apparently, all you need to do afterward to make the movie emotional maelstrom make sense is walk into a restroom & see this graffiti…


…Afterwards, you’ll have something entirely different to think about.


Show 08.02.13 “Matty’s Pizza Party” @ Lyric Hyperion Theater

Appearing at this show tonight with Chris Dotson… Disappearance to follow immediately.




Other links:
-Matty Cardarople’s Site.
-Chris Dotson site & Youtube.


UpdateVideo of Ron Lynch & Rick Shapiro’s sets.